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North Carolina Website Design & Digital Marketing Agency


We here at Wix Media Group — a North Carolina website design company — aim to help your business grow by providing website designs that convert. We do not just make random layouts and use generic templates. We research and understand your business and industry before we make our first move.


Globally Competitive Services

Web Development and Design

You will have a website that offers a great user experience, has an easy to navigate user interface, and is naturally capable of converting leads to paying customers

Online Presence and Brand Management

Make your business known locally and nationally through an improved and boosted online presence. We do that by helping you refine and spread your brand identity in all four corners of the internet.

Digital Marketing

Get your company, products, and services exposed continuously to the world through effective digital ads, compelling email campaigns, and organic search engine optimization.

Websites That Convert

We can develop anything and everything. We are well-equipped with the right tools and have a team of experienced developers and marketers. Regardless of the purpose of your website, we can make it achieve its primary goal with us behind the scenes. 

Below are some of the services we offer to make that happen:

  • Custom Wix website design

  • eCommerce installation and management

  • Static and dynamic web design

  • Brand and online presence management

  • Digital marketing consultation and services

  • Search engine and social media marketing

websites that convert

Our Process At A Glance


Pre-Development Phase

Everything starts the moment you give us a call. We will immediately proceed with getting to know your business and your competitors. Once we get all the necessary information, then we will start planning and setting our goals.

We will then push forward with the appropriate digital marketing strategy and campaign for your business. We will start with identifying the target keywords and wireframing the design of your websites.


Quality Assurance Phase

Your website is complete at this point. It will function and render correctly on popular browsers and devices. However, we will still perform cross-browser and device testing to ensure nothing could go wrong.

This is also the time when we will start optimizing your site’s scripts, images, and load speed.


Development Phase

At this stage, we will start with prototyping and ensure that your site’s design follows best practices when it comes to UI/UX centric design. Mission-critical pages are a priority and will be developed first.

At this point, you can take a peek at what your website will look like soon. We will ask for your feedback and perform changes as you see fit. Expect that your website will undergo multiple iterations until we hit that sweet spot.

As we develop the site, we will start with preparing analytics and your content. We will also prepare your site’s backend to ensure that you will never have a hard time managing your site and hosting account once we are finished.


Delivery & Training Phase

This is the point where we hand off your site to you, together with the accounts related to it and your digital marketing campaign. Your site will also be published publicly and can be accessible and searchable in popular search engines.

However, our relationship with you does not stop there. We will provide training to you or your point person for the website and your digital marketing campaign. We will also offer support when it comes to security maintenance, updates, and debugging.

website design company

Why Choose Us As Your Website Design Company In NC?

We are a reliable business partner

We aim to foster a great working relationship with you. We seriously want your business to grow.

First of all, we do our job right the first time. We were rated the # 1 Wix partner by Our customers are why we are in business and are here to guide you every step of the way.  We can't wait to delivery you an amazing experience! 

Aside from that, below are the other five main reasons you should choose us.

We work smart

Efficiency is the name of the game. The last thing we want is to work harder to take one step forward, two steps back. Our goal is to move your company forward one step at a time.

We are open & transparent

We always ensure that our communications lines are open, and you can talk to us anytime. If ever you have a question, just ping us. You will get your answers quickly.

We share what we know

We will not keep you and your employees in the dark. We will train and teach you or your team about how you can manage, update, and even customize your site. 

We understand the importance of trust

Trust is the foundation of a business. With us, you can be confident that we will deliver all that we promise to you. You can trust us that our services will be one of the key factors your business will flourish on the web.

race your way to success

Race Your Way To Success

Ready to shift gears? Schedule a free consultation call with us now, and we'll help you get started! 

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