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How To Make a Responsive Wix Site

Updated: Nov 15, 2021

make a responsive Wix website

Website responsiveness is probably one of the more common problems most companies face. It is no secret that building a website can be expensive. Having a website built only to see that it is highly unresponsive to updates or changes is not only financially stressful, it also hinders business growth.

Thankfully, websites need not be a financial drain nor complicated with Wix. The Wix website builder is a simple and easy-to-use program that could help any non-technical person create a fully-responsive website with little to no problems.

In this short guide, we will teach you how to use the Wix website builder to create beautiful and user-friendly Wix Responsive Web Design for your business.

Understanding Website Responsiveness

Before everything else, we need to understand what the term responsive means for a website.

In the world of technology, website responsiveness refers to how well a website can render on multiple and varying devices and platforms.

For Wix, this has the presence of the following elements:

  • Full Width Elements

  • Stretch Function

  • Strips and Columns

  • Full-Width Slideshows

  • Galleries

  • Horizontal Responsive Menu

Together, these elements work to make your Wix website design more responsive and better overall. We discuss these elements in detail in the next section.

How You Can You Use Wix To Make Your Wix Website More Responsive

Wix’s website management features allows users to modify and move their website with ease. As part of Wix’s intricate website responsiveness design approach, here’s how you can make your Wix website more responsive under the aforementioned elements.

Full Width Elements

Wix’s website design functions allow users to fully stretch and move their website to fit any screen size adequately. Conveniently, this also allows website content to follow suit, making it much easier to create.

Stretch Function

Although not every element of a Wix website can be stretched, it is, for the most part, a function that is available in most cases. So long as the stretch icon appears, the website element can be stretched to your heart’s content.

Strips and Columns

Wix’s design feature allows users to create fully-customizable strips and columns for their website. Make sure to limit the columns on the gridlines, so as to keep issues to a minimum.

Full-Width Slideshows

The slideshow feature of Wix allows for the use of other website elements other than photos. This option is readily-available in the Wix design panel for you to use.


Likewise, Wix’s gallery feature offers users the ability to show photo collections. Website visitors can also focus on these photos from the gallery to make them larger and full-width.

Horizontal Responsive Menu

A horizontal responsive menu is one that caters to mobile phone users. Wix recognizes how important this is for business, which is why this feature is also readily-available on the Wix design menu for users to take advantage of.

Using Wix To Build Your Website

Wix is a simple and non-technical website builder that offers powerful and advanced website design options for users looking for alternative website solutions. The elements of responsiveness shown above is designed for the Wix website builder. As such, other website builders may promote other elements of responsiveness of their own.

Wix, however, is designed to make things easier for users. To get your business going, build your website with Wix and see how much you can make your business grow.

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