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Grow your organization with patient-centered marketing strategies.

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One month, 30 leads, 5 surgeries — that’s just a small fraction of what our Google Advertising strategies can do for you. 

engage patients and reduce costs

Engage Patients and Reduce Costs


The healthcare system has evolved beyond just providing medical services. Today, it is a system that also focuses on ensuring a smooth customer experience, and healthcare providers must shift their digital marketing strategies toward that holistic mindset. 

We can guide you towards those changes and help you develop a patient-centered strategy for your practice. Through this, you can enjoy better patient engagement and care along with higher customer satisfaction — all without breaking the bank. 


Grow Patient Communities

Develop a vibrant and engaging community of patients that can boost traffic for your practice, as well as result in higher conversion rates. With our digital marketing strategies, you can nurture your leads and exponentially expand your website’s reach and social media efforts. 

We can help you achieve this by creating patient-focused web communities that can capture audience interest through vital health tips, as well as personal stories coming from your patients and staff members. 


Consistency Throughout Your Organization

In a competitive marketplace such as the healthcare industry, consistency is the bedrock of success. We can help your practice deliver a consistent tone and focused message in all applicable areas. 

Beyond cementing your branding, the consistency by which you showcase your offers will promote a sense of continuity among patients even when dealing with other specialties or practice areas. 


Keep Your Marketing Up To Speed

With recent advancements in technology and the digitization of global communities, most people now prefer to consult the internet for answers to their healthcare-related questions. The same is true when they look for trustworthy healthcare providers. In fact, over 80% of online users (or 93 million Americans) use the web to search for health-related information. 
However, most healthcare providers remain stuck with traditional marketing methods, failing to realize the vast potential digital marketing can offer in growing their practice. It is only recently that healthcare systems have begun to embrace digital marketing strategies and take advantage of the loyal community they can gain from being visible on the web. 


This begs the question:

Is your digital marketing for healthcare up to speed? 
Supercharging your healthcare digital marketing campaign takes a lot of time and effort, and you can minimize the inherent mistakes of do-it-yourself strategies by working with a digital marketing agency. As an industry leader that specializes in healthcare marketing, we have helped innumerable healthcare organizations boost their marketing efforts and gain an edge over the competition. Give us a call if you’re ready to boost your healthcare marketing efforts and reach new levels of success in the healthcare industry. 


Healthcare Marketing: Stats That Matter

How do you take your healthcare marketing campaign to the next level? Here are some medical marketing statistics that will help you build a powerful campaign:

  • The journey of a healthcare patient often starts online. About 5% of total Google searches are about health, from looking up specific diseases or medical problems to seeking general health and fitness information. 

  • Furthermore, 47% of online users use the web to search for doctors or other health professionals. People are now looking towards online reviews and feedback to gauge the services of healthcare providers. This is why developing a good healthcare SEO plan should be your main focus. 

  • Additionally, 77% prospective patients prefer to use search engines before making a phone call or booking an appointment. While this can work wonders for your website, this also means that prospects can also view the competition. Crucial factors that play a role in converting prospects include web design, social media channels, third-party sites, and client reviews. Optimizing these will increase the chances of patients booking an appointment with your practice instead of going to another. 

  • For services such as nursing homes, physical therapists, and optometrists, most healthcare statistics point to 60% of patients using search engines before making a call or scheduling an appointment. 

  • According to Pew Research, more than 70% of adults use social media for information and entertainment. This makes social media an ideal platform that can encourage productive engagement between patients and healthcare professionals. 

  • Out of all online users, 66% use the internet specifically to search about a particular health condition or disease. Creating valuable content that answers patient queries and concerns specific to medical conditions and diseases can catapult your practice into becoming a credible and trusted authority in the industry. 

  • To provide excellent content, healthcare websites that consistently update their blogs have 97% more inbound links. Inbound links can boost your “SEO juice,” which is a vital factor in developing an effective SEO strategy. 

  • Long-form blog posts generate 9 times more leads compared to short-form blog posts. Instead of publishing 300–400-word articles in your blog, HubSpot recommends 2,100–2,400 words for better SEO. 

  • Blogging and social media are the two most crucial aspects of successful content marketing strategies. One cannot work without the other. Aside from delivering high-quality content on your healthcare website, make sure your posts are shareable on social media to leverage its large audience base. 

  • Client reviews are important. In fact, 94% of healthcare patients choose a healthcare provider based on online reviews. Reviews and client testimonials work as the digital version of word-of-mouth advertising. Wherein good reviews can help your practice impart a good impression among prospective patients. 

  • Online reviews are powerful, so much so that 84% of consumers consider reviews to be as credible and trustworthy as personal recommendations. Having a solid review management strategy for your healthcare website can help your practice steadily gain new patients. 

  • In 2020, an increase of 5% was expected in global advertising for U.S. healthcare industries, turning it into a $36-billion-dollar industry. An increase of 5% is also expected to happen in healthcare advertising expenditure.

  • Most online users want quick information and don’t want to spend a lot of time looking for what they need. In fact, 75% of online users won’t bother scrolling past the first page of search engines. Optimize your healthcare website by making sure it appears in the top 10 of search engine results. 

  • Further to search results, the first 5 organic results on the first page of search engines account for over half the total clicks (67.60%). Make sure you’re among the top search results to avoid missing out on leads.


5 Signs Your Healthcare Marketing Strategy Isn’t Working

Digital marketing undergoes constant evolution, tightening the competition among industry players. Having a strong online profile for your hospital or practice can increase your chances of attracting patients that use the internet to search for a healthcare provider. 
To keep abreast of emerging trends, you need to regularly examine your digital marketing efforts. If you aren’t getting any positive results from your campaigns, your digital marketing strategy may need some tweaking. Here are 5 signs to tell if your healthcare marketing strategy isn’t working: 


You Have a Non-Strategy

Having a well-thought-out strategy is the key to having an effective digital marketing campaign. Shooting in the dark and not having any strategy at all can waste precious time and resources. 
Here are some common marketing blunders committed by healthcare companies due to the lack of a well-planned marketing strategy:

  • Spending thousands of dollars on pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns with no method of tracking conversions or indicators of campaign success

  • Spending on irrelevant steps that do not center around a well-defined goal

  • Failing to create a consistent, visible, and impactful professional brand for your healthcare company

  • Wasting time and money on DIY strategies without ample knowledge of what good results entail

  • Having an in-house marketing team that may not possess the expertise for a successful campaign instead of hiring a specialized agency


Getting Low-Quality Leads

Generating leads isn’t the end-all and be-all of marketing. You should also pay attention to the quality of leads that result from your campaigns. 
Leads pertain to the information you’ve acquired about someone showing interest in your practice, and it is a marketer’s job to rank all the leads and collect information. The quality of your leads translates to the likelihood of prospects converting into patients. This is important because a 10% increase in lead quality can potentially manifest into a 40% increase in revenue. 
That said, you shouldn’t be satisfied with generating leads or website traffic alone. If you’re not getting high-quality leads, then you need to review and fine-tune your digital marketing strategies. 


Your Results Can’t Be Measured

Similar to traditional marketing like TV, print, and radio, your digital marketing efforts need to have measurable results to know if you’re taking the right steps. 
Without measurable results, you won’t be able to tell if you’re spending your resources in the right places. Quantifiable results include being able to tell how many people visited your website, what pages they viewed, and how long they stayed. Investing in the right tracking tools will ensure you can determine which visitors have entered your conversion funnel and where they are in the so-called buyer’s journey. For your healthcare website, this can consist of signing up for emails, downloading an app, or scheduling an appointment. 
Effectively tracking the results of your digital campaign can also let you know if your efforts are bearing fruit, or if you need to implement a more updated and streamlined marketing strategy. 


Your Website Needs To Be Updated

Many healthcare professionals make the mistake of thinking that once they have a website for their practice, they’ll be getting patients in no time. However, the reality is that having an online presence entails constantly updating your website and its content. Without regularly conducting a website audit, the online face of your brand can easily be doomed to obscurity. 
Similar to meeting someone new, your healthcare website needs to make a good impression among leads, and you only have 3–4 seconds to do it. An outdated, unpolished, and unprofessional-looking website that loads slowly can easily turn away prospective patients and convince them to go to competitors instead. 
You can avoid this by optimizing your website and improving your visitors’ user experience. This is accomplished by having an easy-to-use interface, a sensible website map, fast loading times, and uncomplicated navigation. 


Your Website Isn’t on the First Page of Search Results

As mentioned previously, it’s crucial to get your healthcare website to the top 5 search results, or at least the first page of search engine results. Using broad and competitive keywords can help you rank better, thereby boosting your web presence. 
Keep in mind that people online are often in a hurry to get the information they’re looking for, and they won’t bother to click the second page of search engine results. Your digital marketing strategy should include strong SEO techniques, getting more quality backlinks, improving and updating your content, and having onsite page optimization. 
If you aren’t sure how to do this, working with us can help you apply the best SEO practices to build trust and credibility for your brand. 


Benefits of Our Proprietary Marketing Technology Patient Stream

Double Your Patient Volume for the Same Cost

Dump the campaigns that don’t generate returns. Our AI-based marketing platform automatically optimizes towards campaigns that are driving high-value patients.

Modernize Your Medical Practice

Advertising through traditional methods like billboards and TV are not only expensive, but they don’t always get you the ROI you desire. Take advantage of modernization and step into the future of digital marketing by running digital medical group patient preference campaigns. Through this, you can see which campaigns bring top-of-the-funnel awareness that can result in long-term conversions even from the bottom of the funnel. 


How Do You Choose a Healthcare Marketing Agency?

With the availability of digital marketing agencies around, it can be difficult to choose the right one. Understandably, this is a crucial decision to make as the future of your practice may very well depend on it. 
When choosing to partner with a digital marketing agency, here are several key factors that you should look for: 


Thorough Knowledge of the Healthcare Industry

There are many digital marketing agencies around, but not all specialize in the healthcare industry. Instead of partnering with an agency that presents itself as a jack-of-all-trades, work with a firm that knows the healthcare industry’s ins-and-outs. This way, you can get specialized services and have a digital marketing campaign that specifically addresses your target audience’s needs and desires. 
Look for signs that show the agency you’re looking to partner with has a thorough knowledge of the healthcare industry and can tailor marketing techniques to address and overcome patient concerns. Similarly, the right agency should also know local key players, your competitors, and emerging marketing trends that can affect your business. 


Helps You Build Trust and Credibility

Reputation is the perception people have of your brand, which makes it one of the most important aspects that you should build on. A good reputation can help your practice establish trust and authority among customers — and the right medical marketing agency will be able to project your brand as a credible voice in the industry. 
To ensure you have an excellent reputation, the agency you work with should be able to put a good reputation and review management plan in place. They will also help you properly address negative reviews, malpractice lawsuit claims, and negative press coverage. 


Has a Patient-Centric Approach

In just about every healthcare workflow, patients are always at the center of policies and interactions. A good digital marketing agency should also have a patient-centric approach to its marketing techniques. By focusing on consumers, your practice can establish credibility, brand presence and make the right impressions. A digital marketing agency can ensure that your customers’ real-life and online experiences are smooth and hassle-free. This can help your practice get new customers through digital and traditional methods while keeping current ones engaged. 


Deliver a Return on Your Investment 

Since you’ve invested in marketing, your campaigns should translate into ROI. A good marketing agency should be able to deliver results. While some aspects of digital marketing like SEO and content marketing can take a long time to bear fruit, an agency that’s worth partnering with will be able to deliver tangible improvements to your brand. They will also have a system to monitor results and regularly report about your ROI. 
Before working with an agency, ask what steps they would take to help you achieve your goals and objectives. Be wary of agencies that implement cookie-cutter strategies or make promises that sound too good to be true. You should also be able to see significant improvements to your brand within a certain time frame. 
Achieving measurable and meaningful goals should be at the top of the agency’s objectives. These include enhancing your marketing KPIs like the number and quality of leads, website traffic, and the number of calls or appointments you receive. Don’t say yes to a marketing agency that doesn’t have a clear plan to achieve this. 


Why Should You Partner With Us for Your Healthcare Digital Marketing Needs?

Results matter. Here’s what you can expect from partnering with us for your digital marketing needs: 

Full Website Audit

To properly gauge your marketing needs, we will conduct a full audit of your healthcare website. This entails evaluating critical metrics such as traffic volume, on-page SEO performance, user device trends, and more. This will help us develop a strategy that’s specifically tailored for your organization. 

SEO Campaign Management

A sound SEO strategy is the foundation of any good healthcare marketing campaign. As such, we will oversee your SEO campaign to ensure that it is fully optimized to help your healthcare website get on the first page of search engine results. This will translate to better patient acquisition and the overall growth of your practice. 

High-Performance and High-Value Website

First impressions last, and we will make sure that your healthcare website is designed and structured in a way that best reflects your brand’s mission and vision while improving user experience. 

Social Media Marketing 

We know how powerful a tool social media is, which is why our marketing techniques are tailored to help you engage with and influence your patients. To further enhance your reach, we can also use paid tools like Facebook Ads. 

Paid Media Marketing

With a team of paid search specialists, we also leverages paid media marketing strategies across various platforms such as Google Ads, Bing Ads, and more to help your website reach high-value clients that are likely to convert. 

Reviews and Reputation Management 

Negative press and reviews can make a large dent on your reputation. We will help you properly manage your reputation as well as improve it to boost your brand better. 


Who We Help

  • Addiction Treatment/Rehabilitation

  • Allergy & Immunology

  • Alternative Medicine

  • Assisted Living

  • Audiology

  • Bariatric Surgery

  • Cancer Care/Oncology

  • Cardiology

  • Chiropractor

  • Dentistry

  • Dermatology

  • Endocrinology

  • Gastroenterology

  • General Practice/Family Practice

  • Hospice Care

  • Lasik

  • Mental Health

  • Neurosurgery

  • Obstetrics & Gynecology

  • Optometry/Ophthalmology

  • Orthodontics

  • Orthopedics

  • Otolaryngology/ENT

  • Pain Management

  • Pediatrics

  • Pharmaceuticals

  • Physical Therapy

  • Plastic Surgery/Cosmetic Surgery

  • Podiatry

  • Rheumatology

  • Telehealth

  • Urgent Care

  • Urology

  • Veterinary Medicine

  • Wellness/Nutrition


FAQ: Learn More About Our Healthcare Services

  • What is healthcare marketing?
    While healthcare is centered on providing medical and holistic care to patients, it is still, essentially, a business. And as a business, it needs to be able to generate revenue to maintain healthy operations. To achieve this, healthcare organizations must build their audience and attract new clients, customers, and partners. You can achieve this through effective healthcare marketing. Digital healthcare marketing pertains explicitly to online marketing strategies such as SEO, email marketing, and digital advertising.
  • Why do medical organizations need marketing?
    Without marketing, many prospective patients would have difficulty finding a medical practice’s services and offers, especially now that many people are more inclined to use the internet when searching for health-related topics or answers to their medical-related concerns. Since healthcare organizations are considered a business, they need marketing to gain an edge over their competition and develop a strong digital reputation. Healthcare marketing ensures that a practice has a steady influx of patients, a significant share of the market, and can facilitate lean and efficient operations.
  • What kind of results can I expect from a medical marketing agency?
    A medical marketing company will support various marketing objectives, which include: Improving digital lead generation Increasing conversion rates (new patients, scheduled appointments, etc.) Boosting organic website traffic Creating better rankings on Google for high-volume keywords By meeting these objectives, your practice would be able to achieve tangible results. For instance, Dentalworks saw a 40% increase in conversions alongside a 25% decrease in cost-per-conversion for their healthcare PPC campaigns. Similarly, Digestive Healthcare of Georgia saw a 34% increase in lead volume.
  • How much does healthcare marketing cost?
    As with any marketing program, the cost of healthcare marketing services will depend on various factors such as your goals, working time frame, and medical specializations. This may seem like a significant cost up front, but long-term results can translate to a higher ROI and reduced costs per lead. We offer services that can cater to companies of all sizes and budgetary limitations.
  • Is my healthcare website really that important?
    The answer is a resounding yes! Your healthcare website represents your practice online. This is where potential patients and partners can develop a first impression of your brand, which may or may not convince them to work with you. Aside from being the first thing prospects see about your organization, an optimized website will also be able to attract organic search traffic, provide timely and valuable information, and draw in new cases, patients, and partnerships. Not having a fully optimized website that makes use of clear, targeted messaging won’t only mean you’ll miss out on prospects — you’ll also lose to competitors. Working with us will let you make the most of your healthcare website.
  • Which healthcare marketing strategies are best for my practice?
    There’s no cut-and-dry approach to effective healthcare marketing. Having the right mix will depend on the size, nature, and maturity of your healthcare company. Your campaigns’ main objective should be to boost your practice’s digital presence and be on par with today’s best practices involving web design, SEO, and current marketing trends. Our experienced medical marketing experts will work with your team to conduct a full audit of both your website and existing marketing strategies. From there, we will recommend a detailed roadmap that includes taking into account specific performance metrics that can translate into your desired business outcomes.

Race Your Way To Success

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